Adult Sunday School

Adult Sunday School

Genesis Class

Trent Shealy, Leader

The Genesis class is a study in relationships. As we explore our relationship with God, we come to know and love each other as fellow heirs — adopted sons and daughters of the kingdom of God. Whether the relationships with each other have been years or just weeks in the making, we share the joy of a common journey to faith. Curricula range from lectionary lessons, to in-depth Bible studies, to discussions of significant Christian non-fiction and fiction literature.

Connections Class

Pastor Trump, Leader

This class is intended for people of all ages. Each Sunday the participants discuss matters of faith and life by investigating books of the Bible, contemporary issues, or other topics of interest. Recently the class has considered such topics as the “emergent church”, the mega-church phenomenon, how the Bible came to be, and more.

Sojourners Sunday School Class

This class studies and discusses Bible lessons using the Augsburg Adult Bible Studies curriculum. Class members range from long-timers who joined the church nearly 50 years ago to newcomers in their early 50’s. This class includes caring and sharing adults who meet not only to study God’s word but to support each other in their faith.