2018 Vacation Bible School

The children had a wonderful week at Splash Canyon Vacation Bible School. They learned Bible stories, made lots of cool crafts and sang fun songs. Thank you to all the volunteers who gave their time and talents. Without you, this would not have been possible! CLICK HERE to watch a few highlights of the week!

How is God trying to transform us?

“Trans”. We hear things about “trans” nowadays. Trans fats seem to be bad for us, at least this week. I think. (Do Double Stuff Oreo’s have a lot of them? Just asking.)  Of course in movies there is the whole “Transformer” series, which is pretty fun to watch if you are a “Double Stuff Oreo” kind of guy. Just saying.…

Every Day Should be Christmas

There are certain things and times that encourage people to give. One is Christmas. The other might be the voice of a celebrity inviting others to join him or her in a cause. The following video has both. Here in this video created for the season of Christmas, the musician Bono speaks about Jesus being present in the poor and the weak. It is timely no matter when you…