Posts from 2017

Posts from 2017

Every Day Should be Christmas

There are certain things and times that encourage people to give. One is Christmas. The other might be the voice of a celebrity inviting others to join him or her in a cause. The following video has both. Here in this video created for the season of Christmas, the musician Bono speaks about Jesus being present in the poor and the weak. It is timely no matter when you…

Blessed In Generosity

The attached short video explores how people often feel blessed when they are able to live of their daily lives. You are blessed in all your giving often in ways that your church does not know or see. Enjoy…..

How Does God’s Story Shape Our Story?

Just this morning I was reading the book THE AGILE CHURCH.  In it the author paints a pretty negative picture of the religious environment of our nation, and of the church.  He talks about how often, in the church, we think if we just do things harder, preach better, throw a jazz band in worship and spruce up the website things will be different.  These things are not…